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This Top Adventure Tours list here represents the best nature and wildlife adventure trips possible in the world today, but the ranking also reveals a lot more...

Galapagos Land Iguana 1. Galapagos Island Tours

African lion looking regal 2. African Safari Adventure

Silverback Gorilla in Uganda 3. Gorilla Safari

Dusky wild dolphin sunset swim 4. Swim With Wild Dolphins

Wildebeest on the long migration march 5. Wildebeest Migration

Amazing Whale Breach 6. Whale Watching

The tiger is extremely endangered 7. Tiger Safari

Polar Bear in Churchill Canada 8. Polar Bear Trek

Great Barrier Reef coral formations 9. Great Barrier Reef

Chameleon endemic to Madagascar 10. Madagascar

Antarctic iceberg 11. Antarctica Tours

Green sea turtle 12. Sea Turtle Nesting

Great White Shark 13. Diving With Sharks

Alaska brown bear 14. Alaska Adventure Tour

Typical Bora Bora Scene 15. Bora Bora

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Trip and travel vacation reviews posted to this website also form an important part of the rankings.If you have been to any of the destinations on the list, vote for it now by adding your own adventure tour review.

Under each top adventure travel listings find:

  • Travel reviews/ trip reports/ travelogues by past travellers including travel videos.
  • The best tour agents/operators for each trip.
  • What you can expect to pay.
  • The best places to stay and their rates.
  • Getting there, back and around.
  • The top places in the world to undertake each adventure trip.
  • What to pack and wear on nature tours.
  • Weather and best time of the year to go.
  • Wildlife and landscape pictures/videos.
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How the List Rankings Are Determined

By the travel opinions, reviews, insights and recommendations of many previous visitors to each destination who have been there and experienced it for themselves.

I have read through thousands of trip reviews and travel reports, forum postings and magazine/newspapers articles written by past travellers and ranked the experiences accordingly (not an easy task, here's why I do it).

I've summarized the most important nuggets of information from all those unbiased travel reviews to help you if you are planning a journey to one of these magical natural wonders yourself.

If you want a deeper insight into what each trip was like (and have the time to read through them) I provide a sampling of the full travel reviews/reports/articles for each destination.

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