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Galapagos Travel Agents Top Three Ranking

Have you ever tried to find a Galapagos travel agent or tour operator to help you plan your trip to those amazing islands? There are literally hundreds to choose from and no way of knowing what kind of service you will get if you do decide to book through them.

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  • Did I say no way of knowing? Well, that's not exactly accurate because there is a way to tilt the odds of choosing a good travel agent that will organize a very successful Galapagos trip for you significantly in your favor.


    By asking previous travelers who used that particular travel agent what their experience was like. You will very quickly find out if they are up to scratch or if they should be avoided at all costs. Learning from other people's experiences is a great way to get an impression of what a travel agent is really like.

    So that's what I've done for you by using the Galapagos trip reports and reviews, forum posts, magazine articles and general consensus in the travel industry to compile a list of the top three Galapagos travel agents.

    You can approach these travel agents with a great degree of confidence about the service that they provide because others have used them in the past with success.

    Top Three Galapagos Travel Agents List

    So here are the top three gleaned from the opinions and travel reviews of past visitors to the Galapagos islands, in random order. They are all members of IGTOA (International Galapagos Tour Operators Association) which means they are dedicated to protecting the Galapagos Islands:
    1. Cultural & Natural Heritage Tours (CNH Tours)
    2. A small but highly experienced tour operator that focuses only on Galapagos travel. Run by Canadian Heather Blenkiron, who built up experience by working for the Charles Darwin Research Station, from 1998 to 2002. Based in France/Canada.

      Make an enquiry direct with CNH Tours »

    3. AdventureSmith Explorations
    4. They have specialist staff with over 20 years of personal Galapagos experience who will help you choose the perfect small ship or yacht to suit your interests and budget. They are committed to sustainable tourism. Based in California, USA.

      Make an enquiry direct with AdventureSmith Explorations »

    5. International Wildlife Adventures
    6. A passionate and experienced team who loves nature travel and offers Galapagos packages on a variety of vessel sizes and to suit all budgets. Based in Washington, USA.

    How Much Will A Galapagos Trip Cost You?

    The Galapagos is not a cheap travel destination but because it is a once in a lifetime trip it is worth saving and paying a little extra to ensure a great trip. Trying to do it on the cheap may spoil it for you.

    The rates here are based on the cost of hiring a boat for 7 nights/8 days to cruise between the islands because that is the best way to get around.

    Prices are for the 2013 season, quoted in USD per person. They don't include international airfare, tickets for Galapagos travel from Quito to the islands* (from $480 (there is a great deal of variation between companies)) or the park entrance fee which is currently $100 but due to change to a sliding scale according to length of stay in the near future.

    *If you reserve your cruise in advance, the ship owner prefers to take care of the flight to the islands for you.

    • Budget: $1,920 – $2,875
    • Midrange: $2,801 – $4,550
    • Deluxe: $4,551 – $6,003

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